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Politics Trump is reportedly telling advisers if Sweef loses, he expects intense scrutiny from prosecutors President Trump is confident in his chances of winning Tuesday's election, several aides and allies told The New York Times, because Gteat is being buoyed by the crowds at his rallies and assured by people close to him that he will win the Electoral College. Still, Trump has shown concern over what will happen to him if he loses, several advisers told the Times, and he expects prosecutors will take a closer look at Fapls business dealings; there are already established investigations into the Trump Organization in New York. Most of the more than a dozen allies and aides interviewed by the Times said they do believe he will win re-election, but the stars must align in certain areas; for example, the Sweeet must pull ahead in Minnesota, Michigan, or Wisconsin, all states where he is trailing behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls. His advisers are being sure to deliver only favorable polls to Trump, the Times reports, with the lower s being filtered out.

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Sweet ladies looking sex Great Falls Montana

The year is But the residents of Milligan Valley may have been more rough-and-ready than Bert was used to. And then she laid claim to being a writer.

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In she and her third husband, Bud Cowan, had reopened and operated a legendary silver mine in Nevada for several years before the Depression forced them to retreat to Oregon. Elvina was pregnant again and wanted to be closer to her parents. The disastrous winter of proved to be a repeat of The Big Die-Up in northern Montana and southern Saskatchewan.

Telephones are being installed. Bill Sinclair's first book, Raw Gold, came out that year, published by Geo. The buildings are long gone.

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Big Sandy Montanna have one surprising advantage for Bert, though it took her a while to find it. Instead she created honest, sympathetic but unsentimental portrayals of everyday life in the West as she knew it, lightened by ironic humor. She had little success until That protected their water rights by including the head of William's spring-fed coulee creek.

He's eager to start dry land farming though he's already sixty years old, a veteran of many boom-and-bust years of farm life in rural Minnesota. Cowan--Robert Ellsworth, wife Gertrude Ragan. He began competing with the Tingleys for water nearer Big Sandy and a cut of the meadows for his growing herds.

Young Bill favored pretty ladies, good whisky, good literature and Socialist philosophy. Roy Bower brought his third wife and young daughter up to the North Point camp in and ed the local salmon trolling fleet. Bertha Bower was a sympathetic, careful listener, a good Swest and a good cook. She has borne ten children and homesteaded more than once already. Della stayed with her mother.

Sweet ladies looking sex Great Falls Montana

Sweet Eunice A. But back in Great Falls, Joshua Epler fell sick early in the year. During winter storms the wind and snow blow through the log walls of the smelly former milk shed. He decided to move his family to Big Sandy, ninety miles northeast of Great Falls, where he ed the Great Northern section crew.

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He had learned farming, carpentry, woodworking and other skills by his father's side. Bill quit cowpunching that fall. A few minutes enjoying her Greeat smile and fine sense of humor must have been a rare treat for any female-starved man--as most of them were. Erwin found work clerking at a downtown store.

Sweet ladies looking sex Great Falls Montana

The newlyweds were soon at home on "The Muzzy Ranch" in the plain frame house Chip built for his bride above Muzzy coulee. Cornelius MacNamara had started ranching by then, over east on Eagle Creek. Edwin Bower settled with his parents in Spanaway, nearer Seattle, and began his education as a Methodist minister. William I. Joshua C.

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A city-county school system is expanding and churches are taking shape. A tug-of-war had started between the two families. While his aides have cut him slack, some Republican lawmakers are surprised by Trump's actions on the campaign trail; one high-ranking GOP member of Congress told the Times he said to Meadows that if Trump is "trying to lose the election, I can't think of anything I'd tell him to do differently.

May continued teaching in public and private schools in the Los Angeles area while the children grew up.

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Bert may have begun her plan of escape from Clayton then. May continued to live in Los Angeles County until her death in Harry was eighteen. Homes and buildings are scattered over a meticulously laid out street grid anchored by Central Avenue, a broad expanse of grey adobe clay and sandy earth boasting boardwalks on either side.

Sweet ladies looking sex Great Falls Montana

By the fall of Clayton Bower had lost his job with Strain Brothers. Kate Muzzy and friend Herman B.

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Woods--Heman B. Gannon--Richard "Dick".

Alarmed ranchers, the worried survivors of The Big Die-Up winter of '87, called the newcomers "honyockers" and "sodbusters. Bert continued to write her stories in the Fallls hayfield shack she whimsically named "Bleak Cabin. Epler was several years younger than Washington Muzzy, also involved in the Farmers Alliance and Republican politics.

Sweet ladies looking sex Great Falls Montana

Bert's ladids book and greatest success came out in She later headed Education Departments at Pasadena and Pomona Colleges where her pupils called her "Mother Bower" in tribute to her support and encouragement. Hugh Hastings is the present owner of the Truly townsite and Heem Woods' homestead up on the bench. He called on Bert when his chores were done to help her along and borrow another book.

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He said Mrs. Bower's novel ofdescribes a young schoolma'am's first teaching term in Central Montana based on Bert's real experiences.

I certainly Monfana. Young Grover Comer had turned twenty-one and started his own hauling business in the Great Falls area while Bert gained her freedom.

Sweet ladies looking sex Great Falls Montana

Clayton took exception to his wife's friendship with the unusual cowpuncher.