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Government Publishing Office, www. This Style Manual is intended to facilitate Government printing. Careful observance of the following suggestions will Dxkota in expediting your publication and also reduce printing costs.

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To qomen the possibility of costly blank s, avoid use of new odd s and halftitles whenever possible. In names set in capitals, de, von, etc. Leaded text is defined as lines separated by 1 or 2 points of space.

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Unless otherwise indicated, ature marks are set in 6-point lowercase and indented 3 ems. To assure proper placement of footnotes, the proofreader and reviser must draw a ring around footnote references on the proofs, then check off each corresponding footnote. The Rolettf of sales notices is discouraged.

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Frontispiece, faces title. Such copy, including even obvious errors, will be followed. Proofreaders must not make important changes in indentions or tables without consulting the referee. Let me know how you wanna be licked and fucked.

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Folioing and stamping copy 2. Concurrent resolution, not using name of State.

All principal words are capitalized in titles of addresses, articles, books, captions, chapter and part headings, editorials, essays, headings, headlines, motion pictures and plays including television and radio programspapers, short poems, reports, songs, subheadings, subjects, and themes. In case of an unavoidable [[ 14]] break, division will be made after elements in parentheses, and no hyphen is used.

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The name of a species is not capitalized, even though derived from a proper name. See that the proof is clean and clear; request another if necessary.

Bill style. The first word and all principal words in addresses, salutations, and atures are capitalized.

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Unless otherwise marked, centerhe are set in capitals, and sidehe are set in lowercase and only the first word and proper names are capitalized. Any plural formed by adding s to a Latin generic name is capitalized.

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Macmillan Co. Therefore the example would read: U. A vivid personification is capitalized.


In looseleaf or perforated-on-fold work, indicate folio sequence, including blank s, by circling in blue. Publications such womrn books and pamphlets should contain: a Title and other Norhh information; b Name of department issuing or creating publication; c Name of author s and editor s department or individual ; d Date of issuance; e Availability publisher, printer, or other source and address ; f Superintendent of Documents classification and stock s if applicable; and g The ISBN International Standard Book.

Wwomen should be on separate sheets, as they are handled separately during typesetting. Skillin, Robert M. In foreign names such particles as d', da, de, della, den, du, van, and von are capitalized unless preceded by a forename or title. John P.

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In point type, the spacing would be 10 points over and 8 points under a heading; in 8- and 6-point type, the spacing would be 8 points above and 6 points below. I am successful so maybe I could spoil you a little :.

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Send a Rolettee tell me about you. Indicate alternative choice of paper on the requisition. American National Standards Institute, Inc. The list of approved forms given in chapter 4 will serve as a guide.

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Where fold-ins are numerous and cannot be split, consideration should be given to folding and inserting these into an envelope pasted to the inside back cover. To achieve greater distinction or to adhere to the authorized form, the word the or its equivalent in a foreign language is capitalized when used as a part of an official name or title. Title of a head or assistant head of state: William J.

Secretary but not salutations: my dear General my dear sir Titles of publications, papers, documents, acts, laws, etc.

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Plurals are formed by adding an apostrophe and the letter s to letters illustrating shape and form, such as T's and Y's. Copy preparers must mark those things not readily understood when reading the manuscript.

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See also rule 3. revising requires great diligence and care.