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The BBC's Judith Moritz reports on the case The father of Reynhard Sinaga, the worst rapist in British legal history, has said his son's punishment "fits his crimes" after he was jailed for life.

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They will also take urine and blood samples and occasionally hair, depending on the information you provide about the assault, and also retain some clothing and other items.

Phone fun date chat sex Manchester

This is about an evil person and Adte hope the local media makes that clear," he said. They will also support you through the criminal justice system if you decide to report the assault to the police, including supporting you through the trial, should the case go to court.

Indonesia 'shamed'

Therefore, he doesn't feel any burden. But Mr Afero, who met Sinaga during the trial, said he was in a sound state of mind. The police will investigate the assault.

Offer practical support, such as going with them to appointments. However, it can provide useful evidence if the case goes to court.

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Sinaga's father also financed his flat on Princess Street, in the heart of Manchester's city centre. You sexx tell someone you trust first, such as a friend, relative or teacher, who can help you get the support you need. It was his father's money that allowed Sinaga to be a perpetual fee-paying international student for more than 10 years, up until his arrest on 2 June He picked up his victims outside clubs in Manchester and lured them to his flat, where he drugged and assaulted them while filming the attacks.

Further potential victims have come forward following his sentencing by contacting a dedicated helpline. Others in Indonesia questioned his mental state on social media.

TheSite is an organisation for young people that has made daye video about what to expect if you visit a SARC. Indonesian officials say they have no evidence that Sinaga committed sexual assault or rape before moving to the UK. I don't want to discuss the case any further.

Phone fun date chat sex Manchester

If you're datw a sexual relationship with them, be aware that sex might be frightening, and don't put pressure on them Phhone have sex. Some called for him to face the death penalty abolished in Britain in If you refer yourself to a SARC and are considering reporting the assault to the police, the centre can arrange for you to have an informal talk with a specially trained police officer, who can explain what is involved. His punishment fits his crimes.

Speaking for the first time since his son was jailed, his father Saibun Sinaga told BBC Indonesian over the phone: "We accept the verdict. While homosexuality is not illegal Pbone Indonesia, in recent years there has been a wave of rising intolerance and hatred directed towards the community. Don't ask them why they didn't stop it.

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You may be offered help over the phone or in person. The oldest of four children, Sinaga was born in into a conservative Pyone family, part of the Fn tribe from the island of Sumatra. People of all ages may find this video useful. When sentencing him to life in prison, Judge Suzanne Goddard QC noted the reference and said directly to Sinaga that his family "know nothing of your true nature". Find your nearest rape and sexual assault servicesincluding SARCs. Don't tell them to forget about the assault.

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Confidentiality Your details will be kept as confidential as possible. Another said: "See, here they are not Phpne the victims were wearing 'too-sexy clothes'. She came to the first pre-trial hearing, but was not present for any of the four trials her son insisted on putting his victims through by pleading not guilty. This will involve you having a forensic medical examination and making a statement about what happened. The force says anyone in need of support from specialist agencies can call from within the UK or from abroad.

However, if there's a police investigation or criminal prosecution linked to the assault, any material relating to it is "disclosable". Bear se mind they might not want to be touched.

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The BBC's Judith Moritz reports on the case The father of Reynhard Sinaga, the worst rapist in British legal history, has said his son's punishment "fits his crimes" after he was jailed for life. An ISVA, sometimes called an advocate, will also offer practical and emotional support, whether or not you wish to involve the police. The police will pass their findings, including the forensic report, to the Crown Prosecution Service, who will decide whether the case should go to trial.

Even a hug might upset them, so ask first.

Are you affected by this?

On social media, some people have been accused of posting homophobic slurs in response to news articles about Sinaga's case. His family home has been swamped by the media. The examination is carried out by a doctor or nurse specially trained in sexual assault forensic medicine.

Phone fun date chat sex Manchester

This can make them feel as though you blame them. The advice includes: Don't judge them, don't blame them. A sexual assault is never the fault of the person who Manchesteer abused. Call your nearest sexual assault referral centre.

Sinaga, a year-old PhD student from Indonesia, was found guilty of sexual offences against 48 men. Living close to Manchester's Gay Village, he was able to express his sexuality openly in a way that was impossible to do back in Indonesia. Are you affected by this? If you have not reported the assault to the police, you can still refer yourself to a SARC for assessment and medical treatment to prevent some STIs and pregnancy.

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This means it may have to be produced in court. She did, however, write a character witness statement, which was presented in his defence. If you do decide to report it to the police, a police officer specially trained in supporting victims of sexual assault will talk to you and help to make sure you understand what's going on at each stage.

If there is no investigation or prosecution, information about you won't be shared with other services without your permission, unless there's a concern that you or anyone else is at risk of serious harm.