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You know this is still America and you're free to do what you wanna do, but I'm just suggesting that maybe you close your eyes and just listen for the sound okay, as I go through all the wars and as you hear the war on the unborn okay so here We go remember every be lives, the American revolution The civil war World war, one World war, two The Korean war The goal for September eleventh and The Vietnam war The war in Iraq And, ladies and gentlemen, the war on the unborn Ladies and gentlemen, no matter how you stand on the issue of abortion That is too many lives The never fulfill god's plan If you like me, as your listening cuz, I didn't create this.

I could have shown you nice thing.

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I have a lot of people it's so somebody so funny. Three things today and it's kind of Easy things to do, but tonigt your heart's been picked up, the lord to move on your heart, that that you need to do something more than what you've done, where I wanna stop here and just say this, this church has been amazing in their support.

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Maybe the individuals here that don't know you, that have never put their trust in you for salvation How to pray that they recognize that that beautiful plan that you established in in their mother's womb long before that they were, they were conceived in your mother's womb. I promise I'm not gonna scare you anything like this.

No sin that's that's heavier than any other sin there's. I wanna go again, say. Our society is making us believe that that's the case and what what it actually says in psalm one 27 behold children are a gift of the lord Irish regret it when I taught my children, this scripture when they were younger and I was maybe a little upset and my hand who's Jewsup most salty of my four said to me dad.

I don't have a picture to ch to this write-up but others and I'll deliver you one.

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You can do that is what we call sky male and that's just s that I send out when we have abortion determined women. Finally pay I'm Talking about investing in the cost for life, sacrificial giving to support the culture of life Ministry be a radical stewards of god's blessings and god's blessed. Life is short. Many of you I've seen your faces and you've been faithful supporters for, for many years, many of you, I don't.

Nothing that any of us have done, that has has negated the grace and the mercy and the loving kindness of the lord it's just a matter of us Receiving his grace and his mercy and his freedom and and if that's part of your past and you're still wrestling with that past, we at skylark wanna help you with that wrestling in to receive his forgiveness and his his cleansing.

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It's Red you're good. Why do we make it better right pray for women and couples facing abortion and then pray for skylark that is providing compassionate care for women. Pray for the end of abortion and just the simple question is when was the last time you at when was the last time you prayed, that abortion will attend and what, if the church committed to do, that pray for the abortion is the People that are actually doing the services that the doctors and the nurses that are actually doing these services pray for them.

There's, a transition into this time tobight worship through That if there's anyone here at work Does anyone here is in the light or radio Canada I pray that you can give people of all of us to step out of a forum for serious I have a very with this morning to make sure the same It was speaking for us this morning it's very good for kids and to bring his Director of Scott wxnt all that scared of raises there's a lot of great things in the community Thank you.

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For their hearts to be changed because of miraculously. My frame was not hidden from thee when I was made in secret and skillfully wrought in Lonel depths of the Earth than I've seen.

If that's you, hit me up. It's just intensive.

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I'm gonna ask you to do me a little favor. I am woma to feel like I most certainly will never find your mister right.

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It has had a generational effect upon our culture and our society and not only that I can't bear to think about the doctors and the and the and in the home makers and the ants and and even the lawyers, that I'm sorry if your lawyer um just kidding entrepreneurs and inventors preachers from fire fighters, engineers um at Many others than ever we're able to breathe their first breath Never were able to breathe their first breath In the history of America, many lives have been lost in war but none have been lost.

In christ name amen Want And so many more prints I'll citizens with diabetes.

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But done nothing and if you sit there and you, but before the holy spirit, if you could say I've done something that you're you're you're preston Ford and I love it and I'm grateful for it, but if you can see if you're sitting there saying man, I need to get involved and I wanna encourage you to be involved um I will be I'll be here all hang out after the service or service if you have questions or if you wanna know creative ways you can get involved and I wanted to say one more time on it.

But but as Christians, because we do very Jessyp to help those that are in that situation, we might as well be pro abortion because we do nothing we're pro choice by default and a 24 year old young man as I sat in that church, that Sunday Lonsly, ice et guilty, as charged in Pro life by conviction, but pro choice by default 30 years ago, I set their guilty as charged now interesting enough.

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You can get involved And so my question, for you is this where you have you believe that have you believed all your life and I've been been convinced by the word of God that life is sacred and should be protected. There's, a couple of ways.

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We were not guaranteed, although we did have for we were not guaranteed and that further brought home the whole picture of life being sacred and my wife um in that grief, our dean of the dean of students of the school encourage her to to tonught that opportunity is a is a healing point, so she did studies on the on the the aftermath of miscarriage wanf turned into the lost that you experience in Ms carriage place for Option an abortion which helped us to understand the plight of women and what they go through and in loss and and and and wanna help women with that and then shortly after that, um ended up in brunswick and heard that they doman to start a pregnancy Center and we got involved the original steering Committee and the original board and I told my wife, maybe I'm supposed to be.

Devices cycles that's.

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We send out and tonivht has something you can pray about everyday of the week except Sunday, something to pray about Linely help us and in the Ministry of sky alert, so so, if you want to pray this is Some really easy ways to get involved play is the second one play an active role in the pro life movement. New to florida in need of friend. I don't know and so I'm here to encourage you that I don't know and then maybe some of womaan that I have encourage before that but you've been you've been kinda holding back.

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Edited the post so its easier to. I love women of all shapes and sizes. They were all written the days that were ordained for me when, as yet there was none of them there's. He created him in other words, as you go through the creation there's, one thing that's created in god's image and lightness and that's me and you you and I long before long before your mother and father, before there was a twinkle in your daddy's eye as they like to say God had the eant and wonderful plan for each of us in psalm one 27 verses three.

Lonely woman want sex tonight Jessup

Come on over Single wives looking sex Altamonte Springs Mature horny ladies searching big cocks Sexy married wanting private dating, mature personals wants sex places. We have three locations, one here in jessup. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

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There again in my church doing qant, let's make you a little nervous good legend owners. Write me! I'm going with the biblical action League and we're gonna pray so young lady named natalie and I we want And we saw for the first time on July seven 30 in the morning we saw women and this is tulsa oklahoma we saw a woman driving in from Jessp and Kansas and Missouri and Texas and right there in oklahoma.

He said Jewsup going to confess to you as a pastor, that I've been toniggt life by conviction, but pro choice by default I've believe that life is sacred and I've I've given of use, saint of human life messages in my in my lifetime but other than that I've done absolutely nothing and he said, ladies and gentleman this church from this day forward That changes, I will never be called pro life by conviction of pro choice by default and it's a 24 year old young man that was just sitting.

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I'm not really sure what I'm toonight need of here, I want an innovative female friend, someone to text or meet up with downtown for a glass or two. I was like yes, you are my reward right. There and we'll add you to that just so you can receive that we also send out a prayer calendar once a month and you can Mark that you don't like to receive the prayer calendar. We in fact, in the past year we've seen over 50 women get saved and it but we can't disciple them because wman not the church and so we need churches like this church to say wow when skylark is some of that the needs to to support a couple because if, when they srx a couple who's thriving in the church, they learn their disciple from that couple and they're gonna make a lifetime impact.

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